In 2016, U.S. residents age 12 or older experienced 5.7 million violent victimizations.

-U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics

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Property owners and management are obligated to maintain a safe environment for their visitors, customers, guests, and residents. In most cases, security protection and other safeguards are offered in areas with a lot of foot traffic or criminal activity. If a person is assaulted on the premises, the owner and management may be held liable if the commission of an assault happened due to negligent security measures.

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Proving Negligent Security

Failing to provide sufficient security measures on a property can result in crimes, such as assault, stabbings, robbery, and rape, by third parties. Locations that frequently experience security issues are residential buildings, commercial properties, bars, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, schools, and sports arenas. The victim must prove that a property owner knew that proper security measures are required to prevent crime and protect their guests, but failed to take proper action that resulted in the victim’s injuries due to the commission of a crime.

Common Forms of Negligent Security Includes:

  • Failure to provide trained and experienced security personnel

  • Failure to possess security and surveillance cameras

  • Failure to properly secure buildings

  • Failure to have proper lighting

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