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The foundation of Wheale Law Firm is built on its reputation for quality work known in the legal community.  As such, most of the cases at Wheale Law Firm originated with outside counsel.  Below is an outline providing guidance on Patrick's service rates commiserate with his contributions in conformity with Rule 1.5(c) of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.  All rates are negotiable depending on the case, issues involved, and services required:

Rate Sheet:*


10% Associating (Legal Research & Writing):

Wheale Law provides limited legal support in the form of legal research and writing for motions.  This fee contemplates substantive legal motions (i.e. dispositive motions, appeals, etc.), but it does not include drafting for pleadings (complaints, discovery, PTO, etc.).  Wheale Law is not primarily responsible for day-to-day responsibilities or case expenses.  Patrick will attend court hearings, and he will assist on pre-trial preparation and drafting.

10% Associating (Trial Prep):

Wheale Law provides limited legal support for cases likely to go to trial.  This includes drafting pre-trial motions (PTO, Jury Charges, Motions in Limine, etc.), preparing witnesses and securing attendance at trial, drafting trial examinations, and similarly related support.  Wheale Law attends trial as well.  Wheale Law is not primarily responsible for day-to-day responsibilities or case expenses. 

25% Co-Counsel:

Wheale Law provides all-purpose legal support, which includes: drafting pleadings, legal research and writing, preparing for, attending and/or taking depositions, attending court hearings, trial preparation, and other similar work.  Though Patrick provides day-to-day to support and services, you continue to serve as lead counsel.  Wheale Law is not responsible for case expenses, including expert fees.

50% Referral:

Wheale Law is lead counsel on the case, including handling the day-to-day responsibilities.  Wheale Law is also primarily responsible for all case expenses, including expert fees.  You will appear as a counsel of record on all pleadings unless you elect not to be included.  Wheale Law reserves the right to associate other counsel, fees paid out of Wheale Law's referral fee unless otherwise agreed.


*All rates are advisory only and do not constitute an offer for services.   Wheale Law Firm reserves the final right to accept or reject a legal association on a case.  Rates are subject to change on a case-by-case basis.

*Unless otherwise negotiated, all rates are flat through all stages of litigation

*For all rates, Wheale Law Firm will appear as counsel of record on the pleadings.

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