In Georgia, 24% of all traffic-related deaths involve an alcohol-impaired driver.

-Governor's Office of Highway Safety

Tallapoosa Wrongful Death Attorney

All actions have consequences. Unfortunately, the consequences of someone can cost another their life. Living in a close-knit community like Tallapoosa, Georgia, it is not uncommon that you have experienced or know someone who faced the unforeseen death of a loved one. 


Either as the result of a car or trucking accident, medical negligence, work-related incident, or some other tragic accident or occurrence, there can be lethal consequences. When tragedy happens, Wheale Law Firm is there to restore your piece of mind. As an experienced wrongful death lawyer, Patrick Wheale will take the burden so you can begin your emotional recovery.

How does Georgia define "Wrongful Death" and who can pursue a claim?

A wrongful death can be established when a person loses their life due to the negligence, or preventable negligence of another person or entity. Georgia statutes allows for the surviving spouse, children, parent, or personal representative to be eligible to file a wrongful death suit. Depending on whether the decedent had a will, as well as qualified surviving family, it can be difficult to know who can pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of a loved one. 


Wheale Law Firm is experienced in the probate process and the ensuing investigation. Contact our firm for a free consultation and to begin your next steps towards recovery.

How soon should I file my claim?

Wheale Law Firm understands there is no time limit on how long your recovery process can last.  The grieving process is immeasurable.  However, Georgia code has established a statute of limitations – or time period – to file a wrongful death claim.  That period is two years from the date of death.  


Though there are legal nuances that may extend this period of time, these nuances are the exception and not the rule.  It’s important not to wait too long to consult with an attorney, because an attorney will need time to conduct a proper investigation so that appropriate legal theories can be developed and legal documents be drafted to fit your case. 

We understand this can be an emotional time, however, we urge you to not put this matter off. You deserve closure, and that can be achieved by holding the at-fault party accountable. Wheale Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to investigate and pursue your case and can help take a measure of these decisions off of your plate.

What damages can I seek to recover?

For a wrongful death claim, you can expect to recover the “full value of the life of the decedent without deducting for any of the necessary or personal expenses of the decedent had he lived.” In general, this means that you can obtain compensation for both tangible expenses, like medical expenses, and intangibles, such as the pain and emotional suffering the decedent was forced to battle. 


Surviving family may also be entitled to similar compensation.  There are complex nuances that may have collateral implications, such as on estate taxes.  It’s important to know which claims to pursue and how.  Contact Wheale Law Firm to identify any damages you may be eligible to obtain.

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