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Verdicts & Settlements

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Significant Case Results:

In a relatively short period of time, Patrick has already contributed to many exceptional case results.  And, even though Patrick started his firm during the Pandemic, he has been able to continue his success. 


Below are a snapshot of selected significant cases notable for their unique results and/or facts to which Patrick has contributed:

$21,600,000Tractor Trailer Collision Verdict (Patrick served as associate attorney assisting the lead trial attorneys up to, and through, trial)

Settlements Totaling Over Eight Figures - Product Liability/Multi-District Litigation  (Patrick served as associate attorney to trial attorneys part of several multi-litigation actions alleging defective and/or dangerous drugs and medical devices.  In many cases these lead attorneys served on the national steering committees responsible for building the case for liability, securing national experts, and managing the national litigation.  Collectively, the cases have settled for millions of dollars for deserving clients nationwide.)

Confidential Seven Figure Settlement - Electrical Injury (Patrick served as associate attorney assisting the lead attorneys prepare this work injury case for trial before a settlement was reached in a pretrial mediation)

Confidential Seven Figure Settlement - Tractor Trailer Collision (Patrick was brought in as co-counsel for pre-litigation negotiations as well as to prepare the case for litigation.  The case recently settled during a pre-litigation mediation for one injured Plaintiff, and the second, wrongful death Plaintiff will continue to pursue the case in court.)

$850,000Tractor Trailer Collision Settlement (Patrick served as associate attorney for this low-impact collision that eventually resulted in needed neck surgery for the Plaintiff.  The case settled during litigation but before trial).

Confidential Six Figure Settlement - Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision (Patrick was co-counseled on a case where negotiations had reached an impasse, liability was disputed, and the Plaintiff's injuries were soft-tissue.  After winning on summary judgment, the case was sent to a mediator where a confidential settlement was reached.)

$200,000 - Pedestrian Injury Excess Settlement (Patrick served as lead attorney to this motor vehicle injury case.  Total insurance available for the at-fault driver was only $100,000.  The insurance adjuster refused to offer any compensation and engaged in victim-blaming by accusing the plaintiff/pedestrian for causing the collision.  Patrick filed the case in court and secured a settlement with the insurance attorney for $100,000 over the insurance policy limits available.)

$150,000 - Motor Vehicle Collision Settlement (Patrick served as lead counsel on a minor impact collision where a thirty-seven year old woman suffered back injuries. 

$140,000 - Pedestrian Injury Settlement (Patrick served as lead attorney for soft-tissue injuries suffered when a pedestrian was involved in a very low speed impact collision in a crosswalk at a stoplight.)

$125,000 - Motor Vehicle Collision Settlement (Patrick served as lead attorney on a case involving a minor fender-bender.  The client suffered soft-tissue back injuries, and were able to favorably resolve the case in litigation.)

$120,000 - Aviation Injury Settlement (Patrick served as lead attorney against a national airline, alleging physical and emotional injuries sustained by a family due to a hard landing that caused the plane to slide off the runway at JFK International Airport in New York, NY, resulting in a pre-litigation settlement) 

$33,000 - Motor Vehicle Collision (There is more than meets the eye on this case.  Patrick served as lead attorney early on his career, only after several dozen other attorneys rejected the case.  The police officer's incident report blamed the plaintiff for the collision, and the plaintiff only sustained minor soft-tissue injuries in this low-impact collision.  Patrick personally conducted an investigation, documented the scene and property damage, uncovered decisive witnesses, and recreated the collision.  In a few short months, Patrick was able to secure a settlement above the at-fault driver's available insurance coverage prior to litigation.)

Dozens of Other Similar Cases

The cases referenced above are only a small sample-size of the cases on which Patrick has been asked to work.  He has achieved or contributed to similar results in dozens of other cases.  An example includes a negligent security case in which Patrick provided limited assistance and trial preparation support for the lead attorneys in a trial that resulted in a $45,000,000 verdict.  Patrick has learned that by keeping his caseloads low (i.e. limiting the number of clients he takes) allows great attorneys to attain superior results by focusing on the details.  


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