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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations  FAQ

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What does FMSCR stand for?

What vehicles are subject to federal regulations?

What is a CDL?

Who issues the CDL license?

Is a CDL required to drive all commercial motor vehicles?

What are endorsements that are found on CDL's?

What are FMCSA reportable crashes?

What is considered a  "preventable accident" involving commercial motor vehicles?

What is a DAC report?

What does PSP stand for?

Are trucking companies required to verify a driver's work history?

What is the difference between interstate and intrastate?

Who enforces the FMCSA's safety regulations?

What is a motor common carrier?

What are disqualifying medical conditions?

Is a truck driver required to be drug tested after a motor vehicle collision?

What are driver logbooks and why are they important?


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