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Is an autopsy needed?

Is there a time limit to pursue a wrongful death and/or survival action claims?

Wrongful Death Claim

What is Georgia's wrongful death statute?

What is a wrongful death claim?

What is a survival action claim?

What is the difference between a wrongful death and estate claims?

Who can bring a wrongful death claim?

Do I need a will to bring a wrongful death claim?

Do I need an estate administrator to file a wrongful death case?

Is an estate administrator entitled to more damages in a wrongful death settlement?

Is an autopsy required to prove a wrongful death claim?

Can I sue for the death of an unborn child?

How are wrongful death damages proven?

  • Decedent’s life expectancy

  • Past earnings

  • Potential future earnings

  • Status of the decedent’s health before the accident

  • The decedent’s contribution to the home

Is conscious pain and suffering recoverable for a wrongful death?

Can wrongful death damages be apportioned?

What are common defenses to wrongful death cases?

Can you get punitive damages in a wrongful death lawsuit?

What if the wrongful death beneficiaries don’t agree?

How is a settlement for a wrongful death claim divided?

Are wrongful death damages taxable?

Survival Action / Estate Claim

What is a survival action?

How is a survival action different from wrongful death?

Who can bring a survival action?

Are survival action damages taxable?

How is settlement for a Survival Action claim divided?


What is probate?

What is a personal representative?

What is the purpose of probate?

Can I file a lawsuit without an estate?

How is a personal representative selected?

Where can I obtain a copy of the will?

Where can I obtain a death certificate?

What does "intestate" mean?

What are the duties of a personal representative?

Is a personal representative entitled to a larger inheritance?

What if the deceased doesn't have a will?

How does the probate process work?

How long does probate usually take?

Why is probate actually required?

How much does probate cost?


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