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Rockmart Bike Injury Lawyer

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Rockmart Bike Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents can be traumatic.  There’s no easier way to say it.  The injuries can many:


  • Traumatic brain injury;

  • Bike and/or spinal injuries;

  • Broken arms, legs, and other bones;

  • Road rash, cuts, and bruising;

  • Or, even death.


And, there’s often a misconception that bicycle injury victims have no remedy.  An experienced bike injury lawyer may be able to help.


Give our Rockmart bicycle accident attorney a call for a FREE consultation.  NO retainer or commitments.  It’s that easy. (678) 580-8936

(Bicycle Collisions Faq)

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Things to Know 

A knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer should be able to diffuse some common misconceptions.  These can include:


  • Cars Must Share the Road.  A car does not take priority on the roadway.  Infact, a driver is not only required to treat a cyclist like another driver on the roadway, they are also required to follow even more safety rules.  For instance, drivers are required to travel the “safe distance” of atleast three feet away from a cyclist until they have passed the cyclist.


  • Insurance May be Available.  Often times, a cyclist in a single-person accident, or the at-fault driver of a vehicle flees the scene.  This does not mean you don’t have any remedies.  Your own car insurance may provide coverage.  Or, if there are other causes of the bike accident, you may have a remedy (i.e. other pedestrians/cyclists, road defect, faulty repairs to a bike, etc.).  (Car Insurance FAQ)


  • The Rules of the Road Apply to Cyclists.  The rules of the road apply equally to cyclists as they do to drivers.  So, a cyclist is required to obey traffic signs and signals, provide a signal when they plan to turn, and yield to other vehicle traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists.


Depending on the facts of your case, our Rockmart bike accident attorney can help identify the different legal issues that will most likely affect your rights and responsibilities.

What to Do After a Rockmart Bike Accident

You should treat a bicycle accident or collision like a motor vehicle collision.  (Car Accident FAQ)


That’s because there are many similar principles that apply.  To start, follow these simple steps:


STEP 1:  Call the Police and Stay at the Scene.  A driver of a motor vehicle who is involved in a collision is required to call a police, AND they are required to stay at the scene.  These rules also apply to cyclists.  If it was a single-person accident, it’s important that you still call police to have a report formally put together.


STEP 2:  Obtain Identifying Information.  This could mean multiple things. If other people were involved, immediately try to obtain their identifying information.  Do the same for witnesses who may be tempted to leave.  If you were involved in a single-person accident, identify the precise location/property owner where it occurred.


STEP 3:  Preserve Evidence.  Do not repair your boke, wash or discard your clothing, or otherwise alter anything that may help reconstruct the accident and discover potential causes.  Instead, take pictures of any potential causes.

How a Rockmart Bike Accident Lawyer Can Help

A bicycle injury lawyer can help you navigate the coming weeks and months.  (Accident Investigation FAQ)


This can include, but is not limited to:


  • notifying any potentially available insurance carriers;

  • identifying any and all potential causes of the collision;

  • identifying and managing medical bills and health care liens;

  • pursuing your claim in court.




Polk County Sheriff's Department

(770) 749-2900

Polk County Police Department

(770) 748-7331

Rockmart Police Department

(770) 684-6558

Georgia State Patrol - Post 3

(770) 387-4056


All-Star Towing

(678) 727-2222

3 Kings Towing

(678) 372-0073

5 STAR Towing

(770) 713-4949

Rockmart Auto and Towing

(678) 757-6029


Redmond EMS

(706) 291-0291


Polk Medical Center

(770) 748-2500

Floyd Urgent Care - Rockmart

(770) 684-6100


Polk County Superior Court

(770) 749-2114


Polk County Probate Court 

(Traffic Court)

(770) 749-2128

Rockmart Municipal Court

(770) 684-2352

Compensation and Damages Available

For any personal injury claim, various compensation and damages may be available.  (Compensation & Damages FAQ).  As a baseline, some of these damages may include the value of:


  • Pain & Suffering (including disfigurement, loss capacity to labor, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and impairment) (Pain & Suffering FAQ)


If the bike accident resulted in death, the surviving family may be able to pursue wrongful death damages.  (Wrongful Death Overview FAQ).  In either case, the spouse of the bike crash may be entitled to loss of consortium damages.  (Loss of Consortium FAQ)


In rarer cases, punitive damages may also be available.  (Punitive Damages FAQ)

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Contact Our Rockmart Bike Accident Attorney

It’s simple:  FREE Consulation.  NO Expectations or Commitments.


Give us a call at (678) 580-8936.  You have nothing to lose by picking our brains.


If you decide to hire us, we work on a contingency fee basis.  Meaning, we don’t get paid unless and until you get paid, and you steer the ship.  NO retainer.  (Attorney Fees & Compensation FAQ)


Finally, bookmark this website.  It’s built to provide you clear, concise guidance on foreseeable legal questions you may have.  We want to help remove some of the fear and uncertainty you may be experiencing. 


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