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Rockmart DUI Injury Attorney

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Rockmart Drunk Driving Victim Lawyer

Experiencing a collision with a Rockmart drunk driver is scary.  What happens in the coming days and weeks can transform that initial fear and uncertainty.

  • Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation.

  • Time Off Work and Lost Wages.

  • Mounting Medical Expenses.

  • Lifestyle Changes.

  • Coordinating Transportation.

  • Car Repair and/or Replacement.

  • Misleading Insurance Adjusters.

  • Growing Frustration within Your Family.

  • Physical and Mental Pain and Suffering.

Understandably, these problems do not seem to add-up – they feel like they are multiplying.  

Let our Rockmart DUI crash injury lawyer help.  We can answer questions and lighten the load.


(678) 580-8936.  FREE consultation.  NO commitments.  No retainer.  No expectations.


(Drunk Driving Collisions FAQ)

Steps After a Rockmart Drunk Driving Collision

The number one rule is never admit fault.  Infact, you should avoid speaking with the drunk driver, if possible.


Some basic steps you should take after any motor vehicle collision include:


  • STEP 1:  Communication & Notification.  Notify 911 or local authorities immediately after the collision and stay at the scene.  Call loved ones so they can help with personal belongings, your vehicle, and medical treatment.  Notify your car insurance, health insurance, primary care physician, and employer.


  • STEP 2:  Take Care of Your Health.  Your health should be one of your highest priorities.  Seek treatment at an ER or urgent care facility.  After that, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.  Be disciplined – follow all treatment plans and take all medication, as prescribed. 


  • STEP 3:  Keep Written Records.  Keep track of names, telephone numbers, and important documents.  This includes witnesses, treatment facilities, insurance carrier and adjusters, claim numbers, policy numbers, and other important people.  Important documents include the police report, receipts, and photographs of the property damage and your physical injuries.


For more guidance, visit our Car Accident FAQ page.


Our Rockmart DIU wreck injury lawyer can help you with most of these tasks, so that you can focus on getting your heath and life back.


We can invest our time, experience, and resources on completing a thorough investigation aimed at protecting your rights for full financial recovery.  (Accident Investigation FAQ).


We can also help facilitate your medical treatment, keep track of medical and health insurance liens, and help reduce their impact on you.  (Health Insurance and Subrogation FAQ).

Your Heath & Medical Treatment.
Your Primary Focus.

When you hire our Rockmart DUI victim attorney, our goal is to make your health your sole focus.


We try to do this by taking on most of the other daily tasks.  Your treatment and health are too important.  You don’t need to be distracted from taking care of yourself. 


Unrepresented injury victims often fall into the trap of trying to re-invent the wheel – they avoid or delay medical treatment, thinking they can “tough it out” or believing they can trust an insurance adjuster.  Or, they don’t let a doctor manage their treatment plan, but instead they make medical decisions for themselves or from recommendations of friends and family.


It’s important to trust the doctors.  Your health depends on it.  And timely identifying and treating your injuries is they key to a quick and speedy recovery.  (Medical Treatment FAQ).

Experienced Representation Matters

Special laws can apply to a drunk driving crash case.  These laws are complex. 


For instance, anyone who “knowingly sold, furnished, or served” alcohol to the driver could share in responsibility. Applying these legal principles is not always straightforward because “knowingly” is a fact-intensive and difficult element to prove.  It will likely require thorough investigation, timely interview of witnesses, as well as prompt preservation and inspection of evidence.


An experienced drunk driving injury victim lawyer can help you obtain some initial relief through the Crime Victim Compensation Program.  Additionally, knowledgeable legal representation can help with other damages and compensation.  (Compensation & Damages FAQ).  Some of these items of damages can include:



Or, in more unfortunate causes, we can help obtain the full value of the life of a loved one lost in a DUI collision.  (Wrongful Death Overview FAQ).  The spouse of a DUI injury victim may also be entitled to damages as well. (Loss of Consortium FAQ).




Polk County Sheriff's Department

(770) 749-2900

Polk County Police Department

(770) 748-7331

Rockmart Police Department

(770) 684-6558

Georgia State Patrol - Post 3

(770) 387-4056


All-Star Towing

(678) 727-2222

3 Kings Towing

(678) 372-0073

5 STAR Towing

(770) 713-4949

Rockmart Auto and Towing

(678) 757-6029


Redmond EMS

(706) 291-0291


Polk Medical Center

(770) 748-2500

Floyd Urgent Care - Rockmart

(770) 684-6100


Polk County Superior Court

(770) 749-2114


Polk County Probate Court 

(Traffic Court)

(770) 749-2128

Rockmart Municipal Court

(770) 684-2352

FREE Consultation.
NO Retainer.  
NO Commitments.
NO Expectations.

Let us help you, even if it’s just to answer some questions. 


(678) 580-8936.  There’s no catch.  Our consultations are free.


Alternatively, reach out through our contact form, or email us at


Should you entrust our Rockmart DUI car accident attorney, there are no upfront costs or retainer.  We only get paid when you get paid.  We take pride in the investment we make in each case.  (Attorney Fees & Compensation FAQ).


Bookmark this website for future reference, even if you don’t hire us.  It’s built to provide guidance for unsuspecting victims like you.

Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer Rockmart.jpg

High-risk car accident locations in Rockmart

Between 2015-2019, Rockmart drivers experienced over 886 motor vehicle collisions


And, in between 2013-2018, it's estimated that Polk County experienced nearly 6,000 motor vehicle collisions of one variety or another. 


Rockmart has a few places that are particularly at higher risk for a motor vehicle collision, including:

  • Highway 278 (also known as Nathan Dean Parkway, Cedartown Highway, and Rockmart Highway)

  • Highway 113 (also known as Cartersville Highway)

  • Intersection of Highways 101 and 278 (near Bojangles)

  • Intersection of Highways 278 and 113 (near Wal-Mart)

  • Blind Curve on E. Elm Street (at the Post Office)

  • Awkward Intersection of W. Elm Street and Church Street


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