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Rockmart Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

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Rockmart Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a Rockmart motorcycle collision can feel overwhelming:


  • Medical bills. 

  • Scheduling & attending medical treatment. 

  • Missing work. 

  • Health insurance. Insurance adjusters. 

  • Property damage. 

  • Personal and family duties.


The physical and mental pain that you are suffering doesn’t make it any better.  Let our Rockmart motorcycle injury lawyer help.


Call us for a FREE consultation.  No commitments.  (678) 580-8936


(Learn more @ Motorcycle Collisions FAQ)


First, never admit fault, and avoid speaking with the at-fault driver. 


Next, these are some simple steps you can take, including:


  • STEP 1:  Contact Appropriate People.  Immediately contact 911 and notify emergency personnel so the scene can be documented, witness statements taken, and evidence preserved.  In the coming days, notify your motorcycle insurance carrier, health insurer, and employer.

  • STEP 2:  Seek Medical Attention.  Whether at an ER or at an urgent care, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention.  Schedule a timely follow-up with your primary care physician, report all symptoms, and follow all recommendations.  Getting healthy should be your number one goal, and receiving timely medical treatment puts you on that path.

  • STEP 3:  Document Everything.  Keep accurate and organized records, including a copy of the police report, any witness information, the other driver’s contact information, insurance policy numbers and claim numbers, and medical treatment providers.


The steps immediately after a motorcycle wreck can be important for your health and eventual resolution of your claim.  An experienced motorcycle wreck attorney can take much of these items off your plate so you can focus on what’s important – getting your health back. (Learn more @ Car Accident FAQ)


Seeking timely and appropriate medical treatment is the first and most important goal, regardless of who is “at fault” and whether insurance will cover the bills.


To achieve this goal, it’s important you (1) seek immediate treatment; (2) report all of your symptoms, completely; (3) do what your doctor tells you to do, when they say to do it; (4) use your health insurance to cover costs.  (Learn more @ Medical Treatment FAQ)


Insurance companies are not in the business of giving money away.  And, the more you worry about trying to settle an insurance claim on your own, the more frustrated and disappointed you will become. 


You should entrust an skill motorcycle attorney to assist you with this process so you can focus on your physical and mental health.


Our skilled motorcycle accident injury attorney can help you navigate these uncertain waters.


For instance, an experienced motorcycle attorney can identify all of the potentially responsible parties who caused or contributed to your injuries.  This obviously includes the other driver(s).  But, there can be less obvious but responsible parties that only a thoughtful investigation can uncover, including:


  • Landowners (i.e. causing debris to be in roadway);


  • Government Entities (due to defects or poorly maintained roadways);


  • Mechanics or Technicians (for negligently serviced vehicles and/or motorcycle).


We can handle the day-to-day stress that you won’t even know about.  This includes preserving evidence, performing an investigation, talk to eye witnesses, responding to the insurance adjuster’s daily calls and letters, assisting with any property damage claims, and a multitude of other tasks.  (Learn more @ Accident Investigation FAQ)


Our Rockmart motorcycle lawyer can also help you with your treatment, coordinate with your medical providers and health insurers, as well as identify and manage any medical liens.  (Learn more @ Health Insurance & Subrogation FAQ)


Finally, we can help you get the compensation you deserve for what you’ve lost.  (Learn more @ Compensation & Damages FAQ)


This can include permanent injuries, disfigurement, and amputation, and your injuries are compensable in many ways:





If you’re married and your injuries have significantly affected your marital relationship, your spouse is entitled to pursue a loss of consortium claim as well.  (Learn more @ Loss of Consortium FAQ).




Polk County Sheriff's Department

(770) 749-2900

Polk County Police Department

(770) 748-7331

Rockmart Police Department

(770) 684-6558

Georgia State Patrol - Post 3

(770) 387-4056


All-Star Towing

(678) 727-2222

3 Kings Towing

(678) 372-0073

5 STAR Towing

(770) 713-4949

Rockmart Auto and Towing

(678) 757-6029


Redmond EMS

(706) 291-0291


Polk Medical Center

(770) 748-2500

Floyd Urgent Care - Rockmart

(770) 684-6100


Polk County Superior Court

(770) 749-2114


Polk County Probate Court 

(Traffic Court)

(770) 749-2128

Rockmart Municipal Court

(770) 684-2352


Call our Rockmart motorcycle accident lawyer if you’d like someone to answer some of the many questions that you have. 


No commitments or expectations.  (678) 580-8936. 


Or, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking with an attorney, complete our contact form or email us at


If you decide you want to hire an attorney, we work completely on a contingency fee basis.  Meaning, we don’t get paid unless and until you get paid.  (Learn more @ Attorney Fees & Expenses FAQ).


Whether you hire us or not, this website it built to help answer many of the questions you may have.  Take a moment to browse it to understand what the future may hold.

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High-risk Motorcycle Accident Locations in Rockmart

Between 2015-2019, Rockmart drivers experienced over 886 motor vehicle collisions


And, in between 2013-2018, it's estimated that Polk County experienced nearly 6,000 motor vehicle collisions of one variety or another. 


Rockmart has a few places that are particularly at higher risk for a motor vehicle collision, including:

  • Highway 278 (also known as Nathan Dean Parkway, Cedartown Highway, and Rockmart Highway)

  • Highway 113 (also known as Cartersville Highway)

  • Intersection of Highways 101 and 278 (near Bojangles)

  • Intersection of Highways 278 and 113 (near Wal-Mart)

  • Blind Curve on E. Elm Street (at the Post Office)

  • Awkward Intersection of W. Elm Street and Church Street


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