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Over 800,000 patients are hospitalized each year due to a fall injury.

-Center for Disease Control ("CDC")

Rockmart Slip, Trip, & Fall Attorney

As Rockmart develops and continues to experience growth creeping in from Atlanta, new shops and restaurants are being built here each day.  Although this is great for the local economy, these new restaurants and businesses present new occasions to be injured for one reason or another. Sometimes, a slip, trip, or fall can result from wet substances on the floor; other times these injuries can result from cheap and/or defective construction; or, fall injuries can be due to outdated and improperly maintained sidewalks or other thoroughfares.  When you’ve been injured, you need an attorney that can help get back on your feet.  Wheale Law Firm can help you through that process.

What should I do after a slip, trip, and fall injury?

After experiencing a slip, trip, and/or fall injury, there are some basic things you can do to help preserve your claim.  Below is a short, abbreviated checklist:

  • Report the Incident.  Report your injury to the property and/or business owner immediately.  This way, they can document the incident themselves; help you seek immediate medical treatment; and fix the hazard that caused your injury so others don’t get injured as well.  Do not provide a recorded statement – written or oral – if possible.

  • Seek Medical Treatment.  Intuitively, the first step to getting healthy is seeking professional medical attention.  The medical treatment you seek will obviously depend on the severity of injuries and can include calling an ambulance, going to hospital’s emergency room, seeking urgent care treatment, or simply scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician.  Regardless of which route you need, don’t avoid medical treatment.

  • Preserve Evidence.  Evidence in your possession and control that you can preserve includes your shoes and other clothing, any items you were carrying (such as a purse or cell phone), and your eyeglasses and/or contacts.  If you or someone else is able, take pictures of what caused your slip, trip and fall as well as anything else that may have contributed to your injury.

  • Consult with an Attorney.  Take time to speak with an attorney – it costs nothing and does not require a commitment.  Speaking with an attorney can help shed light on what your options may be.  And, since personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, there is no fee for a consultation, so you have nothing to lose.

Wheale Law Firm’s premises liability attorney can help answer any questions you have.  If you’ve experienced a fall in or around Rockmart, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What does “premises liability” mean?

Premises liability is a broad legal concept to describe the means by which the law holds a property owner/occupier responsible for bona fide hazards that cause injury on their property.  It does not make property owners responsible for any and all injuries – only those which the law recognizes.  In short, a property owner/occupier is only responsible for injuries that are caused by their negligence.  Slip, trip, and fall injuries may be pursued based on theories of premises liability, and you need a Rockmart attorney experienced and knowledgeable in these legal concepts.  Wheale Law Firm’s fall attorney can help

Contact Wheale Law Firm for a Free Case Consultation

For a free case consultation, give Wheale Law a call at 678-580-8936 or send an email.  No Commitments.

Unlike most attorneys, Patrick J. Wheale handles personal injury cases exclusively, specializing in helping injured victims.

Wheale Law provides legal services exclusively on a contingent fee basis.  In other words, you pay no upfront costs.  Wheale Law only collects attorney's fees if your case successfully resolves. 


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