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I was in a car accident. I was hit from behind and my car was totaled. I was hospitalized and endured excruciating pain for months. I was unable to work to support my family. The police department failed to do their jobs which allowed the driver to protest being at fault. The police report actually named me as being at fault. I'm rear-ended and it's my fault?, that was insane. So, because of the way the accident report was written. Absolutely, no one would take my case and I literally called about 30 to 50 attorneys. I had the list from the bar, as soon as they heard about the report, it was " I'm sorry we can't help you, good luck." So needless to say by the time I got around to speaking with Mr. Wheale I was extremely distraught from the lawyer rejections, the pain, no car, and the mounting bills. I told Mr. Wheale that I literally was about to have a nervous breakdown! He responded so calmly and confidently that he would take my case! I was in disbelief. He literally had to conduct his own investigation and prove my innocence which was no easy task considering the unfavorable accident report. His legal acumen, work ethic, and presentations were Outstanding! I highly recommend him for all your legal needs. He will aggressively pursue your best interests. He pulled me from the depths of despair. He literally took me from Ruin to Riches! He's definitely the tip of the spear. If you hire Mr. Wheale you will not be disappointed. Mr. Wheale Thank you for winning my case and restoring my peace of mind.


-Jeanette (former MVA client) (emphasis added)

He hasn't won my case yet but I am believing that God will pull the very best out of him to win the case concerning the pharmaceutical drug Pradaxa which was the cause of death of my loved one. He has kept me informed and I so appreciate his prompt response when I call him for a question and I receive answers quickly, I would definately recommend him to others.


-Lora (former product liability client)

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